Silicon Plateau is an art project and publishing series that explores the intersection of technology, culture and society in the Indian IT city of Bangalore. Each volume of Silicon Plateau is a themed repository for research, artworks, essays, interviews and stories that observe the ways technology permeates the urban environment and the lives of its inhabitants.

Bangalore, with its history and traditions that now mingle with start-up and tech culture, offers fertile terrain for artistic research. Once the Garden City of India, Bangalore has grown into the Silicon Valley of India in less than three decades to become a demographically diverse metropolis, with tech parks that function as micro-cities and co-working spaces appearing on every corner.

The editors of Silicon Plateau are interested in how new technologies and their infrastructure shape our everyday, while also being tools that morph according to the social spaces they inhabit. The project is an attempt at creating collaborative research into art and technology, beginning by inviting an interdisciplinary group of contributors (from artists, to designers, researchers and lawyers) to participate in the making of each volume of Silicon Plateau.

Silicon Plateau is edited by curator Marialaura Ghidini and artist Tara Kelton. For more information and collaborations please contact

VOLUME 2 — Index

6. Introduction by Marialaura Ghidini
12. Wish We Were Here! by Mariam Suhail
34. Amina by Saudha Kasim
46. Black Box by Tara Kelton
53. How to Do Things with Bits and Bytes by Mathangi Krishnamurthy
66. On the Illegibility of a City by Deepa Bhasthi
72. Thursday by Clay Kelton
100. Terms of Service by Sruthi Krishnan
112. Stories from the Gridlock: Ghosts in the Machine by Vandana Menon
142. Reviews by Furqan Jawed
148. How Farmizen Is Helping People of Bengaluru Reconnect with Farming by Carla Duffett
155. Interview with Vir Kashyap by Marialaura Ghidini
166. Aadhaar Cards of Great Leaders by Yashas Shetty
170. Environmental Apptivism: WhatsApp and the Digital Public Spheres in Bangalore by Nicole Rigillo
186. The Weight of Cloud Kitchens by Sunil Abraham and Aasavri Rai
190. Let’s talk about the future, baby/ Let’s talk about you and me/ by Qusai Kathawala
208. The Truth by Yogesh Barve
220. The People Who Share by Lucy Pawlak
234. Apps Index

Volume 2 explores the ecosystem of mobile apps and their on-demand services: What does it mean to be an app user today—as a worker, a client, or simply an observer? The second volume looks at how apps and their infrastructure are impacting our relationship with the urban environment; the way we relate and communicate with each other; and the way labour is changing.The result is a collection of stories about contemporary life in Bangalore; of conversations and deliberations on how we behave, what we sense, and what we might think about when we use the services that are offered to us when we tap on our mobile devices.

Published by the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, in collaboration with The Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore

ISBN 978-94-92302-29-8

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VOLUME 1 — Index

3. Introduction to the Series by Marialaura Ghidini
8. Vector(D, R) by Abhishek Hazra
14. Melrose Place-D In Bangalore (2005) by Christoph Schäfer
21. Against Heritage by Achal Prabhala
29. Art After Failure: An Artistic Manifesto From The City Of Bangalore by IOCOSE
55. A Man, A Woman and Some Good Advice by Anil Menon
70. New Bangalore Interiors by Sunita Prasad
92. Electronic City by Anja Gollor And Mirko Merkel
98. Expiring Estate by Renuka Rajiv
99. Nominal Real(I)Ty by Sreshta Rit Premnath
108. Information Technology by Tara Kelton

While observing the role of the IT industry in Bangalore — its tech parks with highways built to ‘bring’ the city to them and the promises of change for the better it brought about — we explored how this industry has affected the urban landscape and the way in which its inhabitants relate to it. Silicon Plateau Volume 1 looked at how the IT industry ‘settled’ in the city, impacting the representations of urban life and the imagination of its dwellers.

Each printed copy of Silicon Plateau Volume 1 has a unique cover.

Published by The Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore

ISBN 978-81-926304-4-1

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